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In the era of Weinstein, #MeToo and Oscars So White, there have been a lot of discussions and much written about diversity in Hollywood. Although there’s a long way to go to achieve parity of pay and representation, it feels […]
Most doctors never consider that a whale might get breast cancer, or a marmoset might get heart disease, or that common conditions seen in human athletes might also be seen a cheetah, a greyhound or an antelope.  Barbara Natterson Horowitz […]
Amelia Viney describes herself as a kid who sought to be involved in “some kind of liberation”, but found herself working in the corridors of power of Westminster and Capitol Hill. Saba Shafi was a Liberian refugee who came to […]
My guest this week is a woman who has smashed through many a glass ceiling in the world of science with grace, endeavour and success. She is Dame Athene Donald, professor of experimental physics at the University of Cambridge and […]
Alexandra Heminsley is a writer, broadcaster and journalist, whose books ‘Running Like A Girl’ and ‘Leap In: A Woman, Some Waves And The Will To Swim’ chronicle her journey into, firstly, marathon running and subsequently the unknown world of open […]
If you cut Manon Bradley down the middle, she jokes, it would say ‘powerlifting’ running through her core like a stick of rock. Her entry into the sport came via a throwaway comment that she had “great legs for weightlifting”, […]
Those of us who love running just put on our running shoes and go. But what if you didn’t have access to a sports bra and trainers, or didn’t have the confidence to start? Nicola Miller is the founder and […]
Dame Professor Uta Frith is a developmental psychologist. Her capacity to break down barriers began at school, where she attended the local boys’ school in Germany to pursue her interests in science and maths – the start of a long […]
Sally Snow is a zoologist, documentary maker and shark chaser – what an awesome job description!  Born and raised in West Wales, Sally spent her childhood sharing the bathroom with otters, living in the sea and trying to avoid accidentally […]
Iona Bain started her career as a professional musician but strayed down the path of financial journalism after losing all her hard-earned cash in a robbery – listen in to hear the story of her stolen piggy bank! As the […]
Jamie Chadwick is a prodigious talent in the field of motorsport. Aged 14 she was racing an Aston Martin with the best of the boys, and is currently competing at Formula 3 level, with the aim of entering Formula 1 […]

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