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This week’s guest, Kathryn Nicolai, has a voice that soothes the soul, and since her podcast, Nothing Much Happens, launched in April 2018, she has gently encouraged more than two million people to snuggle into their duvet and fall asleep. […]
Here at Smashing the Ceiling we love to showcase the careers of women who have taken the road less travelled, and there’s so much to discuss on that front with today’s guest, Anna Lundberg, a woman who has always forged […]
Today we’re starting a new series on career skills to help you in the workplace which will be periodically slotted in amongst our fantastic guests over the next few months. This series was inspired when a friend revealed to me […]
The chances are that aged 15 or 16 you went to do one week of school work experience, and have never given it a second thought since (although my brother ended up with an excellent full-time job from his one […]
Jamie Jones Coleman is a trauma surgeon. As she puts it, most of what she does is “fixing holes in people”, but that massively down-plays the complexity, skill and adrenaline of her job. The bleep goes, the team swings into […]
Time flies doesn’t it?! We’ve nearly reached the end of 2018, and the usual lists of people that have influenced the year are being published in every newspaper and magazine, along with predictions of the movers and shakers for 2019. […]
Those of you who listen regularly will know that I am really passionate about sport and that the theme of running (yes, I am one of those annoying people that loves to run) featured in earlier interviews with Nicola Miller, […]
There’s so much to talk about with this week’s guest, Ninorah Fernandes-Brookshire and I’m delighted to have her on the show. Nino is the co-founder of NRI Women, a platform supporting non-resident Indian women across the world. It has now […]
Laura Bartlett is a one-woman entrepreneurial whirlwind. In a world that said print journalism is dead, Laura stuck two fingers up to the status quo and founded House Of Coco, a luxury travel and fashion magazine for the “nomadic adventure […]
Lisa Cox is, quite honestly, an amazing human being. As a young woman she played national level volleyball, flew through two degrees in media and communications and was rapidly forging a hugely successful career as a copywriter in the advertising […]
Hi team. We’re taking a little departure from the normal format of the show today, as a friend recently pointed out to me that I’d never really introduced myself as part of this show and that it might be a […]
In the very first episode of this podcast I spoke about my motivations behind starting this project, one of which was providing insight into employment worlds that you, as a listener, may never have considered before, or know very little […]
By the time I was in my early twenties, Carrie Bradshaw and the women in Sex and the City seemed to have revolutionised the way sex was discussed amongst groups of girl friends – my peer group certainly had a […]
My guest today, Sarah Williams, started her career in the reasonably conventional manner of a successful woman: high class university education, graduate training programme and a career in the City, with the work-hard, play-hard London high life of a twenty-something […]
If you’ve ever tried stand up paddle boarding, you’ll know it requires co-ordination, patience and a whole lot of ab strength. Now imagine paddling 1000 miles whilst balancing large volumes of plastic waste that you’ve painstakingly collected from the water […]
1 in 3 women in this country are incontinent, and that’s probably an underestimation, according to pelvic health physiotherapist Elaine Miller. She is making it her mission to get women talking about this, post-childbirth and otherwise. Physiotherapy is a straightforward […]
If you think about sailing a yacht round the world, what image comes into your mind? Fantastic sunsets, calm seas, whales and dolphins appearing intermittently, and balmy days in a bikini? Yep, me too. The reality of round-the-world ocean racing […]
In the era of Weinstein, #MeToo and Oscars So White, there have been a lot of discussions and much written about diversity in Hollywood. Although there’s a long way to go to achieve parity of pay and representation, it feels […]
Most doctors never consider that a whale might get breast cancer, or a marmoset might get heart disease, or that common conditions seen in human athletes might also be seen a cheetah, a greyhound or an antelope.  Barbara Natterson Horowitz […]
Amelia Viney describes herself as a kid who sought to be involved in “some kind of liberation”, but found herself working in the corridors of power of Westminster and Capitol Hill. Saba Shafi was a Liberian refugee who came to […]

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