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60. Caroline Knight – on naked yoga, and the challenges of life in the jungle

60. Caroline Knight – on naked yoga, and the challenges of life in the jungle

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, but I love meeting women who’ve done something unexpected, who bucked the career trend and taken a path that others might not expect. Today’s guest, Caroline Knight, very much falls into that category. After a biochemistry degree and multiple different careers including being a naked yoga instructor, and working in the wine industry, she went to Peru last year, fell in love and unexpectedly stayed to set up a business selling cacao direct from the Peruvian jungle into the UK. 

Caroline is a fascinating woman. We talked in this chat about being in tune with your body, and why so many people aren’t, why it’s ok to have more than one job, even when the world tells you it isn’t, and why the power of curiosity in your career can be super beneficial.

As a trigger warning, this podcast does contain a brief reference to eating disorders.

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