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49. Kelly Pollock – on action, activism and politics

49. Kelly Pollock – on action, activism and politics

Imagine if your Instagram bio read, “First of her name, smasher of the patriarchy, mother of sons, leader of committees, warrior for social justice, dweller by the water, knitter of hats, Master of Religious Studies”. WHAT AN INTRO! 

Today we’re talking to Kelly Pollock, she of the amazing bio, and we’ll be discussing her work in politics, what made her take action and get involved (spoiler: It was Trump) and plenty about the upcoming American presidential election.

Kelly is the Associate Dean of Students at the University of Chicago in the Division of Social Sciences, but on top of that, is a Democratic Party activist and host of Two Broads Talking Politics, a massively influential podcast which aims to discuss the current state of US politics, champion women in all aspects of politics and shine a light on what others can do to help. Kelly started out by knitting pussy hats for the Women’s March, and she’s now got nearly 30,000 Twitter followers, so she knows a thing or two about growing a following. We also talked about anxiety, pressure, fashion in politics and loads more – she’s a fascinating woman!

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