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47. Lilach Saperstein – cardiology? radiology? No, audiology!

47. Lilach Saperstein – cardiology? radiology? No, audiology!

The sound of a child’s laughter, the waves crashing on the shore, the birds in the trees in the morning – there are so many sounds in our every day lives that we take completely for granted.  We go to the dentist to have our teeth checked, and to the optician to have our eyes looked at, but when was the last time you thought about your ears? I’d hazard a guess you’ve never even thought about your hearing, as it’s just…there. But what would it be like if you suddenly lost your hearing?

Dr. Lilach Saperstein is an audiologist, whose role involves diagnosing and assisting those with hearing loss, whether that’s babies in the ICU, older people, trauma patients or children in schools – the role of an audiologist is SO varied. We discussed Lilach’s career so far, the future of technology in treating hearing loss, the role of empathetic communication in medicine and much more besides. 


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