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34. Sarah Swan – on healing the disordered mind

34. Sarah Swan – on healing the disordered mind

Imagine trying to live your life with the person you dislike the most standing at your shoulder the whole time. Imagine the cruellest things they ever said to you, the way it made you feel, and how the stress associated with that impacted your happiness, your productivity and your life. What if you could never shake that voice off, or escape from the clutches of their control?

Sarah Swan is a senior clinical psychologist that specialises in helping people suffering from psychosis and related mental health disorders. Her patients are often terrified, misunderstood and ostracised by those with little compassion or understanding about the symptoms involved and before talking to her, I would freely admit that this was an area I knew little about. Sarah’s research has previously focused on schizophrenia, the links between post-traumatic stress and psychosis  and the impact of chronic use of cannabis on mental health. 

Sarah also works to try and improve diversity within psychology – as a mixed race woman herself she is keen to encourage others to enter the field, and visits schools to promote psychology as a career. What a woman!

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