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32. Kate Healy – on the psychology and practicality of money

32. Kate Healy – on the psychology and practicality of money

Kate Healy has, she says, always been interested in money: how people use it, why some people squander it, why others are obsessed with it and how some use a little to produce a lot. Money still carries a stigma, a taboo around it that she would love to help break down, and to encourage more women to take responsibility for their finances, to understand money and what they can do with it, and to promote a career in finance as being a worthwhile and interesting one.

 Kate’s day job is as the Managing Director, Generation Next, focused on advocacy for sustainability issues facing the RIA industry. Healy leads TD Ameritrade Institutional’s NextGen and Women’s Leadership Initiatives, which support the future of the profession through programs designed to raise visibility, provide support and resources to guide professional development of the next generation of advisors. She is a member of the company’s Diversity & Inclusion committee. In 2016, Investment Advisor magazine named Healy as one of the industry’s 25 most influential people. She is passionate about diversity, and also recognises the need to recruit millennials into the sector. If you’ve never thought about a career in the financial services industry, this is a good introduction – there are many upsides that aren’t often talked about! 

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