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31. Jaclyn Whittal – storm chaser, meteorologist and musician

31. Jaclyn Whittal – storm chaser, meteorologist and musician

Jaclyn Whittal is the kind of woman we love on this podcast: she is brave, fearless and she says ‘Yes’ to almost every opportunity that comes her way in life. This approach has led her down a winding career path involving Shania Twain and a role as Sandy in the German version of Grease, to her current work in television, where she can be found daily on the Weather Network in North America as a meteorologist, and on Amazon Prime as part of the team presenting Storm Hunters, a show telling the stories of storm chasers in North America.

Yes, you read that right – like Helen Hunt in Twister (iconic 90’s movie) – Jaclyn is a storm chaser, and spends her time following tornados, hurricanes and other severe weather systems. 

But Jaclyn started her professional life as a singer and musician, performing in large musical theatre productions, writing music and releasing two rock albums, but when nearing the age of 30, decided there was something more out there for her. As a self-confessed “weather nerd” who was keen on a career in the media, she enrolled in a part-time Masters in meteorology and her career has sky-rocketed from there. Jaclyn believes, she says, that everyone has three good careers in them. First musician, then storm chaser…listen in to see what she thinks could be next!


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