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3. Sally Snow – uncovering the secrets of the underwater world

3. Sally Snow – uncovering the secrets of the underwater world

Sally Snow is a zoologist, documentary maker and shark chaser – what an awesome job description! 

Born and raised in West Wales, Sally spent her childhood sharing the bathroom with otters, living in the sea and trying to avoid accidentally eating the random insects that occupied some of the family fridge. Whilst studying Zoology and Psychology at Bristol University, Sally spent her time on student radio and subsequently worked as both a researcher and associate producer on programmes for the BBC, National Geographic and S4C and designed a wildlife App for children.

In 2012, she quit her job in production, bought a camera and embarked on a new adventure of her own. Initially working with WWF-Philippines, she began work as a shark researcher, and after meeting the President of Physalus, a non-governmental organisation specialising in marine vertebrates, further opportunity came her way. Sally is now Executive Director of the Large Marine Vertebrates Project in the Philippines (LAMAVE).

She divides her time between her production work, developing her own film projects, working with rural communities to help them develop sustainably, conducting conservation research and holding her breath underwater for as long as possible to identify Whale Sharks and the occasional Manta Ray.

In 2016, Sally travelled around Canada and the US on the hunt for black bears, and more recently she filmed Undercover Tourist for BBC3, a self shot film exploring the dolphin circuses of Indonesia.

Sally joins us to chat free diving, filming, and following your passions.

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