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Our Members’ Podcasts

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How many of these

have you heard?

Less than a third of the most successful podcasts worldwide are hosted by women, and the number run by women of colour is shockingly small.

Women deserve more.

We love to champion the work of our community, to tell others about the wonderful work they’re all doing, and to help them grow their show in a sustainable fashion. You can join the quiet revolution too – we’re a safe space for all women and non-binary podcasters where you’ll be welcomed amongst friends. In the meantime, check out some of the wonderful podcasts hosted by our members here at The Skylark Collective.

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The Skylark Way

Our values influence how we level the playing field for women in podcasting, and set the tone for our membership.


When you’re in the company of other successful women, their magic rubs off on you. We believe in drawing strength from the sisterhood and giving back to it. At every opportunity, we look each other in the eye, laugh together and revel in each other's successes. Especially over food; we love food.


The real magic happens when we work together. Who we surround ourselves with can heavily influence our path to success. By cross-promoting and collaborating with one another, we soar higher, faster. #communityovercompetition


You can’t be what you can’t see, so we feel a great responsibility to showcase the role models of today and develop the mentors of tomorrow. Our collective recognises great podcasting work and celebrates everyone’s successes, big or small.

The Skylark Collective is the go-to sisterhood for women with a vision for their podcast. We see your power and your potential. We want to welcome you, meet you, share ideas and learn from each other. Let’s celebrate together, lift each other up, and open the door to your podcasting potential.