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The International Women's Podcast Awards

Championing the work of women and non-binary podcasters globally
Entries to this year’s International Women’s Podcast Awards are now open!
Celebrating the best

podcasting moments worldwide

The joy of podcasting lies in its intimacy. In the atmosphere created between the host, guest and listener. In the moments of incredible sensitivity, humour or honesty that keep people engrossed.

The International Women’s Podcast Awards celebrate these intimate moments of podcasting brilliance, and the women and non-binary folk that make them happen. You might not be the biggest name in podcasting, or have the largest audience, but if you’ve captured a delicious piece of audio that sums up you, your guest or your audience to perfection, we want to know about it.

Our awards recognise the work of those who identify as women or non-binary both behind the mic and behind the scenes, from podcast hosts and writers, to editors and producers.

We're all about

those incredible moments you create

Every woman in podcasting deserves the opportunity to be seen, heard and applauded, so entry to the International Women’s Podcast Awards is open to anyone involved in podcasting who identifies as a woman or non-binary.

We are unlike other awards. 

We don’t look at the genre your podcast is in.

We are looking for your exceptional moments of audio brilliance.

The ones that make you most proud of your podcast. The ones you’d chose to show off to others.

You don’t need to be a stand-up comedian to produce a moment of comedy gold, or a fiction writer to produce a moment of cliff-hanger drama (although if you are, you are also welcome!) – whether you’re a new podcaster or a seasoned pro, we’d love to hear your work.

It also doesn’t matter what the format of your podcast is. You might write short monologues, conduct insightful interviews, produce a fantastic documentary series, write incredible stories or shoot the breeze with your co-hosts about topics that are important to you. We like to see variety in the entries we receive, and we love to hear the stand-out moments you’ve produced on your show.

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These awards are for podcasts hosted or co-hosted by at least one person who identifies as a woman or non-binary.

The Moment of Behind-The-Scenes Brilliance category recognises the work of editors, writers and producers behind the scenes. If that’s you, or someone you know, we want to reward the unseen hard work put into many of the most successful and brilliant podcasts. In this category only, the podcast may be hosted by anyone, but the person nominated must be a woman, and must have been involved in the making of at least 5 podcast episodes, including the audio entered for the award.

Finally, and most importantly, you can nominate yourself. In fact, you SHOULD nominate yourself and your podcast. Women are notoriously bad at putting themselves forward, but go on…we’d love to hear from you!

Entries are £25 for independent and charity podcasts, and £60 for podcasts entered by a production company, business or other corporate entity.

The deadline for entries is Friday 22nd July 2022. Unfortunately we can currently only accept podcasts produced and distributed in English.

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In 2022 we're partnering with

The Podcasting, Seriously Fund

This year we’re delighted to be partnering with the Podcasting, Seriously Awards Fund, which to supports independent BIPOC, Queer and Trans audio creators in submitting their work to awards. If you’re based in the UK, USA, Australia or Canada you can apply to the fund to be reimbursed your entry fee.

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This year's awards will be held at The Conduit, London

on Thursday 29th September 2022

With an in-person event celebrating the best in podcast talent from women and non-binary folk the world over, we are once again looking forward to an evening to remember at The Conduit for this year’s International Women’s Podcast Awards.

The energy in the room at the 2021 awards was joyful, raucous and supportive, with so much love and excitement in the air. People were genuinely happy for those around them that were honoured with an award, connections were made and conversations were had.

We can’t wait for this year’s event.

In case you can’t make it in person, there’ll be a global livestream for guests around the world to join us and enjoy the atmosphere.

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The Conduit was founded in 2018 by Nick Hamilton, Paul van Zyl and Rowan Finnegan. Their aim is to convene a collaborative community that scales and accelerates solutions to the world’s greatest challenges. With a vision of a just, prosperous and sustainable world, The Conduit are committed to ensuring they themselves are an industry leader in ethical hospitality.

Located on Langley Street in the heart of London, their 6- floor building has been designed to nurture creativity and collaboration with sustainability and ethical hospitality taking centre stage. Featuring a beautiful event space and a stunning bar area, it promises to provide the International Women’s Podcast Awards with a truly memorable home this year.

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