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We have 10 for you to choose from at this year’s
International Women’s Podcast Awards
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Moment of Behind-the-Scenes Brilliance

Who are the unsung heroes of your podcast? We’re looking for brilliant moments of audio where those people really shone for you, audio that showcases the writers, producers, editors and podcast professionals out there.

Moment of Calm Unflappability

Here we want to hear the moments when you calmly pulled off an incredible audio coup. Where did it all go wrong with stage fright or technical issues but you pulled it out of the bag? We’d love to hear the story behind the moment here too.

Moment of Comedy Gold

Make us laugh. That is all. You don’t need to be a comedian to produce a hilarious bit of comedy gold – if you’ve had a moment on your podcast where you cried laughing then let us hear it!

Moment of Dramatic Tension

Dramatic tension can be leaving your listener on a cliffhanger, or it can be subtle and carefully built. Fiction or narrative non-fiction, interview or storytelling, this is the category to showcase your best moments of drama and suspense.

Moment of Entrepreneurial Inspiration

This category is for moments from the world of business, startups and entrepreneurship. Running your own business can be really hard, and failure is common, so inspire us with tales of success from those who are making it work.

Moment of Insight From a Role Model

Here we’d like to hear the moment from your podcast that you’d choose to play to a class full of young people. Who on your pod have you considered a role model and why? We want to hear their insights, and their pearls of wisdom.

Moment of Raw Emotion

According to Brené Brown, there are at least 87 human emotions out there. We’re after incredible audio moments of emotion reflecting the human experience of emotion, be that joy, curiosity, resilience, fear, empathy, heartbreak or any other – it’s your choice.

Moment of Touching Honesty

This category is for those intimate, touching audio moments of searing truth, the moment when you knew you’d reached the very heart of an honest discussion. It can be exposing to be so honest, and we’d love to reward that bravery.

Moment of Visionary Leadership

We love women who lead, and we want to hear about the women and non-binary folk on your podcast who’ve shown outstanding leadership, and shared their secrets about it.

Award For Changing The World One Moment At A Time

This category is for moments with purpose, moments that say something profound about the world we live in, and what people are doing to change it for the better.

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