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Getting your podcast featured in the publications of your dreams

By Naomi Mellor

Wednesday 8th December 2021

Following the International Women’s Podcast Awards in September this year, I invited Liz Beardsell, winner of the Moment of Touching Honesty category for her podcast Diary, She Wrote, to join us for a discussion on how she’s managed to get her podcast featured in the some of the UK’s biggest newspapers and magazines, including Stylist, Grazia, The Telegraph, and Huffington Post.

Liz has a background in marketing, and currently works in events. She was full of wise advice about building the hype around the launch of a new show, and how to get your podcast noticed by journalists.

Here’s a few tips from our conversation:

  • Start early: This might sound obvious, but it’s easily overlooked. It’s often said that in making a successful podcast, it’s 50% production and 50% marketing, and early planning is key. Do you want dedicated social media accounts for your podcast? What content is going to go on there? Can you start capturing behind-the-scenes content from the early interview, editing or production phases? Planning your marketing as your plan out your podcast can often save you time in the long run.
  • Build the hype: Many podcasts record a trailer in advance of a new show or a new season coming out, but are you trailing your show elsewhere too? Liz talked about building the hype in a social media countdown, with snippets each day of what listeners can expect. It builds excitement and anticipation, and particularly if combined with a giveaway, can increase your follower counts by people tagging others too.
  • Use your friends and family: Liz messaged everyone she knew and politely asked them to listen to the podcast, share it and rate and review it if they felt comfortable. Subsequently some of her press opportunities came through friends-of-friends and connections who’d heard about the podcast, listened to it and were intrigued by it. Sometimes it can be awkward asking for favours from friends and family, but they love you, and often they’ll want to help in any way they can. So be brave!
  • Go local: Liz started her press quest in her local area, the borough of Hackney in London, where she’s lived for a number of years. She was featured in the Hackney Gazette initially, and this led on to other doors opening for her. We’re often so ambitious to get into our favourite publications nationally that we forget about local news. What are your local magazines? Is there a radio station in your town or city? Would your local newspaper feature you as a resident starting an exciting new project? Having a press release prepared is useful, and learning how to write a good pitch is a great skill to acquire
  • And go old school: Liz made postcards, flyers and posters for the launch of Diary, She Wrote. She put them up in her local area, placed flyers in coffee shops, pubs and local businesses, and drummed up interest through being visual. You need to be seen and noticed in a crowded market, and old school methods as well as digital can be brilliant for this.
  • Use Twitter: #journorequests on Twitter can be a brilliant way to get yourself featured. Journalists are always looking for a story, and they might be writing on something related to you or your podcast. If you can contribute to a feature, and you’re prompt, reliable and courteous, those journalists might come back to you at a later point with something bigger. Sometimes you might be able to comment on something completely unrelated but have the opportunity to mention your business or your podcast. Be open minded, and go for it!
  • Be persistent: Great opportunities often don’t appear overnight. Every time you’ve got something new to talk about, shout about it. Press opportunities are there, but you’ll need to work to create them.
  • Think outside the box! Liz papered an empty shop with giant posters for her show (with permission I might add) What could you do that’s a little different? Think creatively!


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