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What’s the aim of your podcast? The value of entertaining and mentoring your audience

Eyula Koroma

By Eyula Koroma

11th June 2021


When I first heard of podcasting, the medium did not interest me in the slightest as it seemed like every podcast host was an industry accredited, yet average, white middle-class man.


I eventually discarded this short-sighted first impression after coming across household names like The Receipts Podcast and The Self Love Fix. Allowing myself to roam free in the auditory world of podcasting helped me find spaces where I could be entertained and mentored at the same time. Of course, this world can evolve and touch upon varying categories from Arts & Entertainment to Lifestyle & Health. Yet, one principle will never change: creating a truly diverse show for your audience starts with having conversations they wish they had.


Entertaining your audience


To achieve this principle, you want your audience to think of your podcast as easily accessible, pre-recorded gist or gossip for when their friends aren’t available or need some downtime. For example, after I watched the cast of “Friends” reunite with each other after 17 years at 2 am, I found myself wanting to discuss how ironic would it be to see Ross and Rachel together in 2021.


But I had nobody to share these thoughts with because all my friends were busy getting their beauty sleep.


After frantically searching every character to find an imaginary reboot I so desperately wanted to see, I tuned into Black Gals Livin. As they spoke about Ross and Rachel, their use of cultural references and funny, well-known phrases made me feel like part of the conversation. They fulfilled this seamlessly because of their awareness in:


  • The content their audience consumes
  • The audience’s everyday language


Mentoring your audience


Alongside entertainment, podcasts can act as a form of mentorship. Podcast consumers want to hear a human speak their story, their truth, especially the achievements and setbacks life can often bring. An Ofcom Podcast Survey in 2021 revealed that 50% of 35,000 adults in the UK are regular podcast listeners, while only 35% of the participants regularly pick up an audio or physical book. Podcast consumers in the UK would instead gather as many mentors as they wish for the small price of a Spotify premium membership over books. What can be learned from this is, podcast consumers want to avoid the most common mistakes in achieving a particular goal by listening to other people. 


This type of mentorship can create limitless yet niche opportunities. In addition, your audience will thank you for it, as your content will offer significant value. For example, I could learn the weight of education and academic success through Oxford and Cambridge graduates Renee and Courtney on the To My Sisters Podcast. Or I could lessen my anxiety around starting a business by tuning in to entrepreneur Grace Beverly discuss what it takes to build a multi-million dollar brand with House of CB Founder Conna Walker.


So, whether your audience is looking for multi-million nuggets of wisdom or looking for a laugh, ensure you make their time listening to you worth it.  



About Eyula Koroma


Eyula sees podcasts as an auditory escape route from the events and emotions life can often bring. She especially loves to hear hosts share their perspective or recollection of a film or series she has seen or heard. Eyula puts her thoughts into words through the lens of the media, fashion, film and healthcare, and a thought-piece of hers, ‘How medical racism has informed vaccine hesitancy’, was selected for PR Academy’s Best PR Blogs in 2021.

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